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Hydrophobic PVDF Pleated Filter Cartridge
Hydrophobic PVDF pleated filter cartridge adopts natural hydrophobic PVDF composite filter media  which has extremely strong corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance. Acrylic material, made by hot-melt welding, without any adhesive, no medium off drop. It can be used for sterilization and filtration of compressed air, respirators and other gases and  strong corrosive, strong oxidizing and other liquid sterilization and filtration, especially in tolerating  ozone and low adsorption protein, the PVDF pleated filter cartridge is preferably selected.
  • Features and Benefits

    High transfer protein, minimal protein adsorption.

    Absolute sterilization can be guaranteed under wet or dry conditions.

    Each filter cartridge has an independent serial number, which can fully trace the production batch

    The filter cartridge is 100% integrity tested before delivery.

    Free of resins and surfactants, broad solvent compatibility.

  • Application

    The microelectronics industry, remove particles of high-purity gas

    Gas exchange of high-purity water storage tanks.

    Sterile gas exchange for vent filter of pure water tank , water injection tank and batch tank in the biopharmaceutical industry.

    Sterilization filtration of nitrogen, compressed air and gas points

    Sterilization filtration of fermentation gas in the biological fermentation industry, and sterilization filtration of solvents

    Sterile gas exchange for storage tank vent filter in the food and beverage industry, and sterile gas filtration for liquid strain culture of edible fungus fermentation tanks.

    Particle removal for organic solvents, chemical products, high-purity reagents and other occasions


Filter Media


Support diversion layer


Extended/Center core

Hydrophobic PVDF

Interface lining

No or stainless steel

O-ring material


Maximum working temperature

80℃ (△P≤0.10Mpa)

Maximum working pressure

Forward 4.2bar;Reverse1.5bar (25℃)

PH range



The product itself does not have any foreign matter such as particles, fibers, etc.


All ingredients meet USP (United States Pharmacopeia) Class VI plastic testing