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FAPS Series PES Filter Cartridge

FAPS series PES pleated filter cartridge, the filter membrane adopts double-layer asymmetric polyethersulfone membrane imported from Germany, with uniform pore type and high porosity. The support diversion layer is made of imported polypropylene material and is made by hot-melt welding without any Adhesive, no medium shedding. The double-layer composite structure makes it have better filtering performance and more reliable bacteria retention ability.

  • Features and Benefits

    The filter element is 100% integrity tested before it leaves the factory. The integrity value is related to the bacterial challenge.

    Each filter element has an independent serial number, which can fully trace the production batch and usage

    Asymmetric PES membrane with excellent flow rate and high capacity per membrane area

    Fluid compatibility over a wide pH range for many applications

  • Application

    Rapid filtration of various liquids such as buffers, serums

    Biological products, tissue culture fluids, eye drops,

    Protein solutions, fermentation tank feeds, antibiotics

    large and small volume injections

 Filtration Media PES membrane
 Media Support PP non-woven
 Cage PP
 Core PP or PP with stainless lining
 Outter Diameter 69mm
 Inner Diameter 32mm
 Length 2.5~40"
 O-ring Silicone,EPDM,Nitrile, Viton ,PTFEencapsulating Viton
 Retention rating 0.1, 0.22, 0.45, 1.0, 3.0μm
 Effective Filtering area 0.65sq.m
 PH value 2~13
 Normal operating temperature 65℃
 Max. operating temperature 90℃,0.10Mpa
 Max. differential pressure 25℃,Forward 0.42Mpa, reverse 0.21MPa
 Endotoxin <0.25EU/ml
 Extractive <0.03g/10"cartridge
 Sterilization Steam sterilization for 30minutes at 121℃,15cycles